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General Information

220,000 sq. m.
Land Plot

The park covers an area of 220 000 sq.m., with the potential to build 90 000sq.m of industrial premises. Since 2013, the master planned industrial park has been urbanized and has had installed the requisite utility infrastructure to support a variety of land uses.

Currently, two fully identical dry storage warehouses are functional with a total built-up area of 12 800sq.m. Two more are expected to be build by 2019.


Location & Municipality


  • Located in the municipality of Elin Pelin, next to Novi Han village

  • In close proximity to a railway station (6km – 5min) and Sofia City Airport (17.6km – 12min)  

  • 24min away from the center of Sofia (by car) – 22km

  • Quick exit to key transportation routes – Highway “Trakia” and highway “Hemus”, international routes: E79 and Kalotina

  • Good road conditions

  • Traditional industrial area

  • The neighboring towns of Elin Pelin, Ravo Pole, Novi Han, and Lesenovo - good source of skilled and general cost-effective labor.

  • The local government is accommodating and supportive of the industry and development.



East Ring Logistic Park



1.     Modern warehouses

2. In close proximity to Sofia

3. Two functional buildings and two more by 2019.
(TBA: 25 600 sq.m.)

4. A canteen will also be built by the end of 2019.

5. Custom build-to-suit solutions

6.     Photovoltaic installation on each building

7. Fiber optic cable on-site

8.  Own transformer station and emergency power supply.

9. Ready gasification project with the option to be implemented at customer’s request

10. Approved projects for wastewater treatment plant

11. Own source of drinking water

12.   Own water source, so that activities are not stopped due to accidents or other external causes.

13.  Facility Management services

14.   Consultant - “Econsult” (www.econsult.at) – Austrian architectural company with extensive experience in logistics.

15. Investor and manager with experience

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on-site comfort

Facility Management


  • 24 hour physical and technical security, provided by reputable company

  • Cleaning and maintenance of external areas - road connection

  • Cleaning and maintenance of green recreational areas

  • Snow cleaning in all surrounding areas including road connection

  • Energy management

  • Pest control and disinfection every 3 months with licensed company

  • Maintenance of all technical installations, incl. fire installation, air-conditioners, plumbing and sewage system, electricity installation, diesel aggregates, diesel pumps and etc.

  • Technician on site every official working day - 08:30 to 17:300

  • 24/7 reaction in emergency situations

  • Additional cooperation with other activities and services outside the agreed preferential prices


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