Infrastructure of Square and Cube

The park features its own power station and emergency power supply. Own water source is also available, in order to prevent operation interference because of accidents or other external reasons. Each tenant, has the opportunity to connect to the gasification network.

Access to major transportation links, is in perfect condition.

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Buildings, scaled by measure

The park’s buildings are modern and sustainable. They are designed to be tailored in regards to the business’ needs. East Ring’s design and future phases of development are consulted by Econsult ( – Austrian architectural bureau with extensive experience in logistic projects.

The buildings’ floor load capacity is 5 t./sq.m., while the minimum clear height of the premises is 10.5 m. This allows for industrial companies with heavy machinery and equipment, to become tenants.

The buildings possess BREEAM certification - they meet all European standards and at the same time reduce utilities costs.

The construction of logistics spaces with special temperature regimes are also planned.

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Workforce - sofia ++

In close proximity there are numerous small-scale populated areas. According to their needs, tenants can recruit a diverse workforce.


(Facility Management)

In East Ring, tenants have no responsibility in maintaining the common areas. The only business comes with its equipment, stock and employees. Everything else is handled by the management.


BREEAM Certification

“BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment method for masterplanning projects, infrastructure and buildings. Founded in the year of 1990, it is the oldest sustainability assessment firm. „Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method“, rates an asset’s environmental, social and economic sustainability performance. This means that BREEAM rated developments are more sustainable environments that enhance the well-being of the people who live and work in them, help protect natural resources and make for more attractive property investments”. BREEAM. (2019). Available at: [Accessed 12 Mar. 2019].

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Energy comfort

East Ring's buildings are designed to be energy efficient. Each one has photovoltaic installation on the roof, which cover the electricity needs in the office premises. The rest of the areas, still rely on the electricity grid and for additional safety, emergency power supply from diesel-aggregates are also present.

This is part of the overall infrastructure, which’ characteristics are an important criteria when it comes down to the tenants choice. Besides the quick access to major transportation routes, the good infrastructure includes adequate power and water supply.

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The buildings

Building 1

Modern building with built-up area of 6 399 sq. m., which covers all European standards. Some of its main characteristics are:
- 5 825 sq. m. warehouse area
- 574 sq. m. office and common areas
- Reinforced concrete construction.
- Minimal clear height of 10,5 m.
- Photovoltaic facilities on the roof
- BREEAM certification No.: BREEAM-0053-1061

Building 2

Stage 2 of the project was the construction of a dry warehouse with a built-up area of 6 400 sq.m., identical to Building 1. Building 2 was completed and fully rented in June 2016.

Buildings 5 & 6

The next phase of the project envisages the construction of two dry warehouses with total built-up area of 12 800 sq.m., with the following characteristics:
- 11 650 sq.m. warehouse area
- 1 150 sq.m. office and common spaces
- Reinforced concrete construction
- Minimal clear height of 10,5 m.
- Photovoltaic installation on the roof

Building 2 with racks and stock inside.

Building 2 with racks and stock inside.

A real of image of how buildings 5 & 6 will look from the inside.

A real of image of how buildings 5 & 6 will look from the inside.


Risk Reduction

“To date, we reduce the risk by investing in Sofia, where demand is high and consistent. I hope that in the near future we can do a similar project in Varna and Vidin”.
- Hristo Kusev, investor in Logistic Park East Ring