About Us

“East Ring LP” OOD is founded with a clear vision to further develop real estate and investment in Bulgaria. The company specializes in the development of warehouse logistics and its currently focused on growing “Logistic Park East Ring”. Located near Sofia, in the municipality of Elin Pelin, the project covers an area of 220 000 sq.m, with the potential to be built 90 000 sq.m. of industrial premises.

East Ring’s Managing Director - Hristo Kusev - believes that “there is currently a shortage of modern and flexible warehouse spaces in Sofia. At the same time demand is on the rise. Hence, the reason why we invest in these parks”.

“East Ring LP” OOD is a personal limited liability company for commercial activities, registered on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria, as a legal entity pursuant to art. 147 of the Commercial act.


Expo Real - International Trade Fair

Over the past 6 years “East Ring LP” OOD has been a constant participant in Europe’s largest International Trade Fair for Property and Investment in Munich - EXPO REAL. We believe that attendance is an integral part of the company’s success and enhanced reputation. Our aim is to demonstrate that our warehouse facilities and buildings are flexible and highly competitive even on the international stage.

In addition, the Trade Fair has provided us not only with numerous opportunities to share our vision and ideas with foreign investors, but also to learn best practices from the European Market.

We are proud to announce that as of 2018, Bulgaria features its own stand at the EXPO REAL.



Permits Given

As of 2013 the site has been urbanized along with complete infrastructure.

October 2014

Phase 1

In October 2014, Building 1 ( 6 400 sq.m. of dry storage warehouse) was launched. Until today, tenant has been EURO 07 JSCo (import/export of automotive parts and oils).

July 2016

Phase 2

Two years after Building 1, a completely identical Building 2 (6 400 sq.m. of dry storage warehouse) was launched in July 2016. Until today, tenants has been Cargo-partner GmbH (international logistics service provider).

May 2018

Phase 3

In the end of May 2018, Phase 3 was launched. Unlike the previous two stages, phase 3 plans the construction of two identical buildings, as well as a canteen facility. Similar to buildings 1 & 2, the new buildings will have a total built-up-area of 12 800 sq.m., 1 150sq.m. of which will be office space. Planned to be completed by the end of 2019.



“Working on the park’s design is great because there are no limitations, when it comes to using quality materials and equipment for the construction of each building. You can achieve good results even with lesser investment, however one needs to be careful not to compromise on quality.

Different businesses have different requirements so we have attempted to develop highly flexible and universal spaces, which are easily adaptable to different business activities.”

- Architect Atanas Vangelov,
designer of the building’s project

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20 years of project management experience.

East Ring’s principal investor and manager is a team of highly knowledgable and experiences experts in the field of property construction and management with 300 000 sq.m. of industrial premises completed across the country.

Partners include well-known retail chains such as: BILLA, HOMEMAX, INTER CARS, LILLY DROGERIE, EURO 07, etc.

See more at: www.glorient-bg.com