Smart Warehouses, Smart Business

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What are the standards that modern warehouses should comply by?

As we talk about warehouses, past assosiations are irrelevant. Bulgaria is filled with old and abondoned warehouses, as well as production buildings, for which time has stopped. But their return to new life is currently economically unjustified. Similar to modern offices, modern warehouses should meet certain standards. Here, security and infrastructure are the most important requirements, but for sure they are not enough.

Modern logistics buildings are “flexible” - they need to provide comfortable storage and transportation for all types of stock. Goods are capital temporary locked up along the value added chain. The faster and safer this capital is “turned-over” and reaches the next phase, the more effective the business is. This is why we talk about buildings and logistics decisions, which are precisely designed, so they can allow standardized and automated processes. These are premises, which with technological help, can solve logistic tasks faster and more accurate than warehouse managers. This is the topic we discussed with architect Atanas Vangelov, who is responsible for the design of “East Ring Logistic Park”.

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Hristo Kusev